Siobhan has been living with her grandparents after her mother gave birth to her and when she had moved to Gracolia. Now August is pregnant again, making headlines and causing a lot of trouble for Siobhan. August starts to contact her almost adult daughter, while she blocks every try. Will mother and daughter connect again?


Dylan Gelula as Siobhan Conte

Bridget Satterlee as August of Gracolia

Tom Holland as Alex Bruce

Margaret Qualley as Liz Copper

Miles Heizer as Adam Conte

Jeremy Irvine as Zayn George of Gracolia

Vanessa Marano as Yvonne Rhadinski

Jessica Biel as Kiera Conte

Justin Timberlake as Robbie Conte

Holland Roden as Kiera Davis

Dylan O'Brien as Landon Davis

Barbara Palvin as Sophia of Gracolia


  • This book is part of many spin off sequels
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