Savannah Reed is a character in the My New Family Series. She is the first daughter of Keena, who she adopted when she was just 18 years old.

She is a part of the Reed Family, the Ashcroft Family and the Harrington Family through adoption. 



Physical Appearance


Savannah was introduced when she was in the hospital, where she was after an accident. Keena and Lily-Sophia met her when they and the rest of the Delaker models. She later finds Keena and Lily-Sophia for help. They find out she was being abused, resulting the couple to take her in and fostering her. After Lily and Keena broke up, Keena was able to adopt her.

Strengths and Weaknesses





Keena Ashcroft (adoptive mother)

Lily-Sophia Muss (foster mother)

Zed Harrington (adoptive stepfather)

Hope Muss (younger foster sister)

Greta Muss (younger foster sister)

Arya Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Zoe Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Hope Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Kara Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Alec Harrington (younger adoptive brother)

Elena Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Stella Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Sophia Morris (younger adoptive sister)

Maggie Morris (younger adoptive sister)

Beverly Morris (adoptive niece)

Carson Whitby (younger adoptive sister)

Avery Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Joy Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Aaliyah Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Emma Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Eleanor Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Jessica Harrington (younger adoptive sister)

Saffron Hathaway (younger adoptive sister)

Piper Artist (younger adoptive sister)

Noelia Krane (cousin)

Savannah and Noelia are shown to have a close relationship. When Noelia needed advice, her cousin was there for her and even offered her to help her when she needs help.


Wyatt Moore (crush)


Cheyenne Bates (best friend)



The name Savannah is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "flat tropical grassland"

The name Olivia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "olive tree". She was also named after her great- grandmother, who was named after her grandma

The Reed surname is derived from the Old English word "read," meaning "red." It is most likely that the name was used as nickname for someone with red hair, before becoming their surname. In other instances, the Reed surname no doubt came from some of the places so named in Britain, such as Read, Lancashire, Rede, Suffolk, and Reed in Hertfordshire.

The name Ashcroft is part of the ancient legacy of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is a product of when the family lived in Norfolk. Ashcroft means the dweller in the croft where the ash trees grow.


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