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Ritter Ashcroft is a character in My New Family Series. She is the oldest daughter of Promise and Jesse and the baby Promise was pregnant with while her mom was pregnant at the same time.

She is a member of the Ashcroft Family and the Ford Family by marriage.



Ritter is a nice and sweet young woman. She makes her own decisions, but sometimes joins her sister's, mostly Keena's. Even when she has made an oppinion about someone, she can be convinced otherwise. For example she disliked Danielle at the beginning because Keena disliked her, but later on the two started getting along and became friends.

Ritter is close to an eating disorder, since when she is stressed she forgets to eat, which even caused her to faint in class at least once. Her family has to make sure she eats when she's stressed.

Physical Appearance


Ritter is 5'5" tall and has platinum blond hair. Her natural hair color is dirty blond. She also has her grandmothers green eyes. She always wears girly clothes, likes the color pink and is a huge fan of dresses. Ritter always wears make up, sometimes more and sometimes less.  She likes to change up her hairstyles all the time, wearing it short or long, in curls or straight or tie them together. She currently wears it a little bit longer than shoulder long.


Strengths and Weaknesses





Jesse Ashcroft (father)

Promise Ashcroft (mother)

Nik Ashcroft (younger sister)

Keena Ashcroft (younger sister)

Danielle Bailey (maternal half-sister)

Noelia Krane (niece)

Shenae Ford (daughter)

Faith Copeland (adoptive daughter)


Vic Ford (husband)


Charlee Harding (best friend/aunt)



The name Ritter is a name of German origin meaning "knight, mounted warrior"

The name Joey is a nickname for either Joseph or Josephine with means Jehovah increases. She was also named after her grandmother.

The name Ashcroft is part of the ancient legacy of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is a product of when the family lived in Norfolk. Ashcroft means the dweller in the croft where the ash trees grow.

The name Ford is a name of English origin meaning "dweller at the ford"


  • She is left-handed