Phoebe Lewis
Phoebe Lewis
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: 2015
Age: 17 (I Promise You)
22 (Gwen's birth)
24 (Lachlan's birth)
25 (Freya's birth)
Height: 5'4"
Resides in: London, United Kingdom, Europe (former)
Morrison Creek, Oregon, U.S. (currently)
Family & Friends
Family: Phil Lewis (father)
Paula Lewis (mother)
Poppy Lewis (twin-sister)
Gwen Harrison (daughter)
Lachlan Harrison (son)
Freya Harrison (daughter)
Relationships: Jonah Harrison (husband)
Jake Abrahams
Friends: Promise's Clique
Hanna Mishoff
Famous Four
Promise Copeland (best friend)
Roommate(s): Poppy Lewis (former)
Promise Copeland (former)
Affiliations: Morrison Creek Gymnastic Team
Enemies: Lennon Germaine
Personal Information
Interests: Dancing, Gymnastics
Clique: Famous Four
Promise's Clique
Education: Ashwood Academy (graduated)
Jefferson High School (former)
Production Information
Appearances: I Promise You
Portrayer: Sophie Simnett
"Phoebe Harrison (neé Lewis)" is a character in "My New Family. She is one of the girls Promise befriended in England and even came to America for an exchange year.


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Physical Appearance

Strengths and Weaknesses


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Romantic Relationships

Jonah Harrison (husband; 3 children)

  • Break-Up Reason: "TBA"


  • She danced ballet when she was younger


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