Numb. That is how I'm feeling after the events of last night. Numb, in memory of her. Numb, after Jill gave her life.


Alisha Boe as Felicity Cooper

Kerris Dorsey as Jill Maynard

Dylan Minnette as Ash Baker

Katherine Langford as Meghan Blake

Sosie Bacon as Nomi Richards

Kristine Froseth as Holly Williams

Lia Marie Johnson as Amber Richards

Victoria Moroles as Merica

Nick Robinson as Quen Maynard

Alice Englert as Sierra Blake

Cameron Dallas as Zach Cooper

Jon Hamm as Martin Cooper

Octavia Spencer as Claire Cooper

Jodi O'Keefe as Ayda Blake

Bradley Cooper as Niall Blake

Rebecca Romijn as Cyntia Richards


  • This is one of many spin off sequels


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