Noelia Krane is a character in the My New Family Series. She is the daughter of Danielle and her ex-boyfriend and the first child of the fourth generation.

She is a member of the Copeland FamilyHarding FamilyAbrahams Family and the Krane Family through birth and Bailey Family through the adoption of her mother.



Noelia is a nice and sweet person, who rarely freaks out. When she meets Misha, her rebellious side comes through, which also shows in her physical appearance. She grows more confident and determined over the time, standing up to her rights and demanding them, speaking her mind. She is also a really loving person, being there when someone needs her help. Sometimes she is also shown to be scared, especially when it's about one of her weaknesses. 

Noelia is a smart person, bringing home mostly A's and has never missed a day of school before she befriended Misha, who started being a bad influence on her. 

Physical Appearance


Noelia is a sweet young girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Her style is either sweet and innocent or a little edgier. Her styling inspiration is her mother Danielle Bailey.


Strengths and Weaknesses





Danielle Bailey (mother)

Ashley Krane (father)

Noelia has no relationship with her father, since he left her mother when she didn't get an abortion

Sam Moore (godmother

Cassidy Hart (younger maternal half-sister)

Blanche Hart (younger maternal half-sister)

David Bailey (adoptive grandfather) 

Noelia Bailey (adoptive grandmother; deceased)

Noelia has never met her adoptive grandmother, but was named after her.

Ritter Ashcroft (maternal aunt)

From her aunts, Noelia is the closest to Ritter

Savannah Reed (cousin)

Savannah and Noelia are shown to have a close relationship. When Noelia needed advice, her cousin was there for her and even offered her to help her when she needs help.


Misha Topaz (best friend; crush)


Ronya Gilbert (best friend

Kia Junior (best friend)



  • Her mom was 17 when she was born
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