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Nik Ashcroft is a character in the My New Family Series. She is the middle daughter of Promise and Jesse Ashcroft and an aspiring singer.

Nik is a member of the Ashcroft Family, the Copeland Family and the Harding Family.



At the beginning Nik is a strong and independent young woman. The further her story moves on and the more she loses Keena, a fragile Nik is revealed. Her mental health is going south, she starts having trouble with gaining weight and gets into an eating disorder to get rid of it. Her self hatred grows more and more and she even starts punishing herself for gaining weight, but doing self harm to her body.


Introducing Nik Ashcroft (Evermore) - Unholy

Physical Appearance

Nik is a short 5' feet girl, with a skinny body. She has brown eyes, just like her father. She also has long brown hair, which she got from both her mother and her father. She has light skin. As time went on she cut her hair and dyed it blond. She usually wears dark clothes and ripped jeans. Her favorite shoes are black fake leather biker boots. She also likes to show off her body, but that changes later on and she starts wearing baggy clothes, even of a brighter color.


Strengths and Weaknesses





Promise Ashcroft (mother)

Jesse Ashcroft (father) 

Danielle Bailey (older maternal half-sister)

Ritter Ashcroft (older sister)

Keena Ashcroft (twin-sister/best friend)


Mick Schneider (ex-boyfriend)

Billy Edwards (crush)


Kaden Adams (close friend)

Keir Laurent (best friend)

Keir and Nik have been friends for a while, her being in Nik's Band, but they never actually were close. After Nik figured out she was pregnant, she and Nik became closer and eventually best friends.

Alison Dunphy (band member)


Presley Hogart (former best friend)


The name Annika is a girl's name of Russian origin meaning "grace"


The name Ashcroft is part of the ancient legacy of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is a product of when the family lived in Norfolk. Ashcroft means the dweller in the croft where the ash trees grow.

The Welsh surname Edwards was derived from the personal name Edward. This name is in turn derived from the Old English forename "Eadweard," which literally means "prosperity-guard."