Never Be The Same
Little Laurel Copeland isn't a kid anymore. She now is a young woman who is about to start her first teaching job at Bardell Boarding School.


Angourie Rice as Laurel Copeland

Emily Maede as Elise Roberts

Lily James as Marnie Stewart

Colin Ford as Jordan Cavanaugh

Owen Teague as Dillon Zander

Justice Smith as Leslie Jonathan

Mark Ruffalo as Jeremy Stewart

Jeni Ross as Skyler Holt

Debby Ryan as Lela Sunday


Spencer Locke as Bradie Fitzgerald

Zoe Marais as Adrian Gordon

Erika Tham as Chiara Tal

Britt McKillip as Elizabeth Mueller

Leah Lewis as Ginger Xu

Fionn Whitehead as Ian Martinez

Sophia Rose Turino as Kara Turner

TBA as Lola Hudson

Taylor Holder as Louis Brewer

Sigrid Raabe as Marianne Coster

Special Appearences

Sosie Bacon as Nomi Richards

Lia Marie Johnson as Amber Richards

Virginia Gardner as Ginny Copeland

John Stamos as Cole Copeland

Jennifer Aniston as Emily Copeland

Ross Butler as Kai Wong

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