Married with Kids
Years later Elle and Dominic moved to New York, raising their kids there and giving her niece Sophia a chance to be normal for a while. Meanwhile Avalon and Siobhan attend college together where Brooke also shows up. 


Cara Delevingne as Elle Conte

Robert Buckley as Dominic Fitzgerald

Cailin Russo as Avalon Conte

Aimee Teegarden as Bindi Fitzgerald

Zach Roerig as Dillon Fitzgerald

Elise Gatien as Harlow Fitzgerald

Steven R. McQueen as Marcel Fitzgerald

Marie Avgeropoulos as Hazel Fitzgerald

Poppy Drayton as Margo Jones

William Moseley as William Jones

Barbara Palvin as Sophia of Gracolia

Dylan Gelula as Siobhan Conte

Josephine Langford as Brooke Beckenridge-Copeland

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