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Lily Germaine is a character in the My New Family Series. She is one of the exes of Ryder and the mother of Lennon.



At first Lily seems like a sweet young girl, who couldn't hurt a fly. The closer you get to know her, the more her mask fades and you will see her true colors. She is arrogant, manipulative and almost ice cold. Even towards her daughter, her behavior doesn't change. She is really controlling and appears to be racist since she forbids her daughter to date the guy she truly loves, making her date one of her friend, despite still being in love with the other guy. Lily is a strict mother, also having thousands of rules for her daughter, causing her to become the mean girl of her generation and acting bossy like her.

Physical Appearance

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Lily has blonde hair and brown eyes. When you look at her, you would immediately think she's an angel, meaning her looks completely cover her ugly personality. In The Exes her style is sweet, innocent and colorful, but the older she gets, the darker, rougher and sexy her style gets.


Strengths and Weaknesses





Lennon Germaine (daughter)

Lily and Lennon always had a difficult relationship. Although she loves her daughter, she also seemed to regret to have had her. She is also being really strict with her, especially about her dating life.


Ryder Harding (ex-boyfriend; 1 child)

Dustin Copeland (ex-boyfriend)

Thomas Copeland (ex-boyfriend)


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