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stands for lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning.

Known LGBTQ's

Name Sexuality Notes Book
Jared Momsen Gay Smoke and Fire
Elijah Chandler Gay Smoke and Fire
Abi Lannister Lesbian Freya
Adam Conte Gay

Break the Rules, His Royal Highness

Fighter Hearts

Amélia Agreste Lesbian Generation Four
Arya Harrington Lesbian Generation Four
Asher Delgardo Lesbian

I Promise You


Briyanna Copeland Lesbian
Bryn Heart Lesbian
Caroline Reynolds Pansexual
Dawn Abbott Lesbian
Elle Griffith Lesbian
Felicity Cooper Lesbian
Freya Harrison Lesbian
Gigi Bisexual
Gwen Harrison Asexual
Henry Lawrence Gay
Holly Williams Lesbian
Indie Copeland Lesbian
Isla Ridgewood Lesbian
Julia Lesbian
Kaden Adams Lesbian
Kara Harrington Lesbian
Kate Burgess Bisexual
Keena Ashcroft Bisexual
Kylie Monroe Lesbian
Laurice Moss Lesbian
Lily-Sophia Muss Lesbian
Mack Transgender
Mara Edwards Lesbian
Meghan Blake Bisexual
Merica Lesbian
Mirabelle Copeland Lesbian
Misha Topaz Lesbian
Noelia Krane Lesbian
Peyton Harris Bisexual
Quen Maynard Bisexual
Rachel Colbrick Bisexual
Riva Lambert Lesbian
Shira Lesbian
Stefanie Edwards Lesbian
Stella Harrington Lesbian
Talia Underwood Lesbian
Siobhan Conte Bisexual Step-Princess
Liz Copper Lesbian Step-Princess
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