Indie Copeland is a character in the My New Family Series. She is the daughter of Lauren Copeland and a pregnant teenager, who starts questioning her sexuality.

Indie is part of the Copeland Family through her mother and the Parker Family through her father, as well as the Abbott Family through her marriage and of the Beckenridge-Copeland Family through her daughter.



Physical Appearance


Strengths and Weaknesses





Lauren Copeland (mother)

Indie's Father

Indie has never met her father, nor does he know she exists

Brooke Beckenridge-Copeland (daughter)

Brooke has always been close to her mother. Indie always fought for her daughter's rights and made sure she was cared for. The reason why they get along so well might be because they are close to age.

River Copeland (daughter)

August Conte (maternal cousin)

Olivia Copeland (maternal cousin)


Beck Beckenridge (ex-boyfriend; 1 child) 

Dawn Abbott (crush)


Shana Ayala (best friend)

Ariana Bronstein (close friend; mentor)

Ariana has been through, what Indie is going through right now and since there are some things she can't talk to her mother about, Indie comes to Ariana and she is glad to help her. Over the time Indie and Ariana become friends, helping each other out with their daughters. Indie is the first girl Ariana helped and formed a friendship with her, since usually she doesn't become friends with her proteges, but Indie reminded her of herself



Indie is an English girl name meaning "the country india"

Northern English and Scottish: habitational name from a place called Copeland, of which there is an example in Cumbria, or from Coupland in Northumberland, both named with Old Norse kaupa-land ‘bought land’, a feature worthy of note during the early Middle Ages, when land was rarely sold, but rather held by feudal tenure and handed down from one generation to the next.


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