The Ford Family is small family in Evermore and a main family in Generation Four. They are introduced when Ritter meets her internet boyfriend Vic for the first time.


Notable Members

Vic Ford is the first member of the family to be introduced. He goes on to marry Ritter, starting a family of their own

Ritter Ford is the wife of Vic and the biological mother of Shenae and the adoptive mother of Faye. She was born into the Ashcroft family.

Shenae Ford is the biological daughter of Vic and Ritter, who was born while her parents were travelling the world. She and her sister have a YouTube channel together.

Faye Copeland is the adoptive daughter of Ritter and Vic, who was adopted when the small family was in Australia. She and her sister have a YouTube channel together.

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  • Ritter and Vic adopted Faye when they moved to Australia