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Fabian Fitzgerald is a character in the My New Family Series. He's Olivia's second love interest and the younger brother of Eliza.

He is a member of the Fitzgerald Family.



He likes to be the mysterious guy. He is friendly and helpful.

Physical Appearance

Fabian is tall and has dark brown hair. He wears fancier clothes, but not too fancy.


Strengths and Weaknesses





Eliza Fitzgerald (older sister)

Brandon Fitzgerald (nephew)

Keeley Fitzgerald (daughter)


Olivia Copeland (ex-girlfriend)

Fabian and Olivia met on one of Ryder's parties, where they shared their first kiss. Later on they started bonding over their common enemy, Ryder Harding. After Olivia chose Ryder and he started dating Maia, they grew apart. Years later the two meet again, when Olivia was single again and they started dating again, yet they broke up again when Olivia realized she wasn't ready for a new relationship and that she wasn't over Ryder. They estranged from each other until their daughters' friendship brought them back together as friends.

Maia Sharp (ex-girlfriend)

Maia and Fabian started getting closer after Olivia and his break up, keeping it a secret from them. Eventually she found out and it took a while until she was okay with it. In the end it didn't work out and Maia broke up with him, because she felt like she could never live up to his family's standards.

Sophia Lee (ex-girlfriend)

The two started dating after Fabian broke up with Maia. However the relationship wasn't like he wanted it to be and broke up with her because she was too clingy and he still had feelings for Olivia.

Tiffany Ridgewood (wife)




  • Fabian is still the only character that had an relationship with an unseen character