Elle Fitzgerald (neé Conte) is a character in the My New Family Series. She is the oldest daughter of Kiera and Robbie and the mother of Avalon.



Physical Appearance


Alena Conte was born to Robbie Conte and Kiera Copeland in 1993

Strengths and Weaknesses





Kiera Conte (mother)

Robbie Conte (father)

Adam Conte (older brother)

August Conte (younger sister)

Siobhan Conte (niece)

Avalon Conte (daughter)

Bindi Fitzgerald (daughter)

Dillon Fitzgerald (son)

Harlow Fitzgerald (daughter)

Hazel Fitzgerald (daughter)

Marcel Fitzgerald (son)


Campbell Fitzgerald (husband)

Dominic Fitzgerald (in love with)

Avalon's father (ex-boyfriend)


Margo Marks (best friend)



The name Alena is a Greek girl's name meaning "bright, shining light"

The name Elle is a girl's name of French origin meaning "she"

The surname Conti derives from the word "Conte," which is itself derived from the Latin comes "comitis," which literally means companion and was then defined as a servant in the retinue of a king or emperor. The term "count" had already become defined as a high-ranking dignitary by the Middle Ages.

The Irish name Fitzgerald (spelled Mac Gearailt in Ireland), is of Anglo-Norman origin meaning 'the son of Gerald'. The Fitzgeralds of Ireland are said to be descended from Maurice, son of Gerald (husband of Nesta, Princess of Wales), constable of Pembroke and of a royal heritage in Wales.


  • Her full first name Alena is prounounced like Elena
    • Her parents wanted to keep the A naming going after Adam
      • Elle is the only Conte kid not to go by her full first name and with nicknames, who don't start with an A, instead
  • After earning money for modeling, she started to help animals, opening up a shelter for any kind of animal
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